It’s Me :)

Well, my name is Ni Wayan Citra Widiastuti. And you can just call me Citra 🙂 I was born in Halloween. Everyone know it !  But, strangely I don’t like anything about ghost. I was born in 1995, so now I’m 17 years old. I’m still in school. And actually I’m in grade 12 at SMK Negeri 3 Denpasar. I choose hotel hospitality, I don’t know why, maybe because I like to have many foreign friend 🙂 I love watching movies, especially phantasy movies, like Harry Potter. I like to learn many kind of languages. And now I still learning English. Dog, that is one kind of pet that I really really like. And until now I’m watching Beethoven when I have free time. Now, let’s talk about my family. I have 2 brother and sister, so I’m the oldest. I have very awesome family. I love them ❤ Oh, I habe tanned skin 😀

Yap, I have facebook and twitter account. And you can add it. You only have mention me and I will follow back 🙂 This is my account !

Facebook : Citra Widiastuti

Twitter : @citrawidiastuti

Instagram : citrawidiastuti


Who use blue t-shirt is me 🙂


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